Yes, a whole lot of damage has already been done, but that doesn’t mean we should give up. .

1. Avoid artificial onslaught.

The truth is that almost everything has something artificial in it these days. Artificial flavorings, artificial dyes, artificial ingredients, and on and on.
It’s almost impossible to avoid this stuff completely, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take precautions when we can—especially because the long-term effects of everything artificial are still widely unknown. I’d rather be on the safe side than look back a few decades from now and say, “If only we had known then what we do now.”

2. Steer clear of unnecessary irritation.

There’s nothing quite like a newborn baby’s skin. The sweet smell, the perfect softness—it’s intoxicating!
But all that sweetness and softness means that babies and kids usually have extra sensitive skin. Skin that you can’t put just anything on.
Switching from conventional to natural personal care products means you lessen the chances of your kids’ skin getting irritated and having an adverse reaction. The same goes for the grown-ups! Even if you think you don’t have particularly sensitive skin, transitioning to natural products could make you realize you do. You just didn’t realize the impact harsh conventional products were having.

3. Protect the planet for your kids and grandkids.

For many, it’s all too easy to dismiss environmental concerns as someone else’s problem—that someone else being a future generation. But becoming a parent forces you to challenge the “me! me! me!” attitude and instead, confront the problems our planet is facing.
I know that when I look at my kids, I desperately want them (and their kids) to have a beautiful earth to live on. Trashing the place is simply no longer an option for me.

Yes, a whole lot of damage has already been done, but that doesn’t mean we should give up. Choosing to switch from conventional to natural products can make a big difference!


Amanda is the creator and also content developer for Roodt Made by Nature. She is in no other way a medical professional. Her remarks, recommendations, and reflections are not to replace any kind of medical advice.

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