Fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E & K, natural fatty acids as well as lipids are discovered in abundance in tallow.

Collagen as well as elastin degrees which aid in maintaining our skin looking healthy and balanced and also firm, begin to decrease as soon as we enter our thirties. Moisturizing with Roodt Organic facial butter will certainly help to maintain your skin’s elasticity keep your skin smooth and also strong.

With normal aging, we also found that Anxiety is also a huge additional factor that will certainly create fine lines and wrinkles. Anytime we’re over functioned and strained, our skin cells have to work that much more to complete their regular functions.

Utilizing an all-natural butter, free from harsh industrial chemicals and preservatives, calms the epidermis, stimulates, rejuvenate, and also may aid skin imperfections.

Tallow is our key component.
The solid, white, velvety oil referred to as tallow has been a staple in my house for several years.

Fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E & K, natural fatty acids as well as lipids are discovered in abundance in tallow. Tallow may be among the absolute best ingredients for skincare. Beef tallow is extremely compatible with our skin.

Our ancestors used tallow for skin treatments, they were on to something! 

Tallow is excellent for sensitive skin. It is referred to as a non-reactive, non-allergenic component in Roodt skincare for all types of skin. Roodt has NEVER had a reported response to plain tallow in years of selling our balms and butter.

Because I enjoy tallow skincare formulations so much, we use it in almost 90% of our products including our Roodt Organic facial butter.

A little goes A LONG WAY! It is easy to overdo it with the Roodt Organic facial butter. Start with a small amount, dab some delicately around your eyes, and target skin areas and smoothen it out all over your skin. 

After cleansing with Roodt Skoonheid seep or Roodt Swart the Roodt Organic facial butter makes for the most Hydrating facial moisturizer ever.


Amanda is the creator and also content developer for Roodt Made by Nature. She is in no other way a medical professional. Her remarks, recommendations, and reflections are not to replace any kind of medical advice.

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